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Not Just Another Workshop: From a Teachers Perspective

We cannot begin to thank everyone who attend Not Jut Another Workshop on Saturday, Octobe 25, 2015. We had an amazing turnout and even better feedback. Based on the numbers and the surveys it was a huge success. However, we thought about asking a few of our teachers what they thought about NJAW (as we so fondly called it). Here is what they had to say.


"Two weeks crammed into four days; that is what it felt like at Handbell Musicians of America’s Pinnacle event. As we left the event we started talking about how we could share what we learned with those that did not attend. Thus began the idea of Not Just Another Workshop.

One of the classes that I enjoyed the most and that really stuck with me was “Put Down Those Bells” taught by Stevie Berryman. I had never had so much fun learning about bell techniques. This, of course, meant that I had the task of teaching some of the same techniques at our own workshop. With Stevie Berryman sending me a short refresher, I set out to try making this class a fun, energetic, hands-on, informative experience. If the laughter and noise were any indication, the class was a success.

As a board member of Oklahoma City Handbell Ensemble, it was an honor to teach at our first ever workshop. I look forward to us sponsoring many more events like this one." – Pat Birney

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