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A New Newsletter Experience

Okay. So there really aren't any new newsletter experiences that we can achieve as a society. Electronic and print newsletters have been around for more years than many of us care to admit. However, most newsletters tend to be too long and contain only mildly interesting stories and information. We are hoping to break that cycle!

Beginning in August, we will be starting our monthly e-newsletter! You can sign up on the home page of our website any time of day or night. The newsletter will be short. Just enough info to let you know what is going on in the life of OCHE and our ringers. We will have a few special newsletters that announce concert series or eductional opportunities, but those won't be data packed either.

We hope you will be able to enjoy our new newsletter experience! Once you get your first edition, feel free to forward it to friends, tell others to sign up for the newsletter, or even write for our newsletter (and blog)!

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